About Hugessen Consulting

We offer a broad range of Board-focused advice and support to clients across North America.

Founded in 2006 in response to a rapid growth in demand from Boards to receive truly independent advice, Hugessen has since become the dominant provider across Canada of Board-side advice on executive compensation and its governance. In expanding its presence in the US, Hugessen has developed a close working partnership with leading NYC-based executive compensation consulting firm, Steven Hall & Partners.

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Board-side mandates per year
Strong relationships with the major institutional shareholders across North America, including active investors
A track record of helping our clients maintain high or improve low Say-on-Pay results (increasing year-over-year results by as much as 20-55%)

Shareholder Engagement Support Services

The power and influence of the shareholder community in boardrooms across North America has grown immensely. Institutional shareholders are increasingly seeking direct access to board members and demanding directors be accountable against a higher set of governance expectations. Hugessen supports boards and their members in understanding and engaging with this community.

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Supporting Boards of Public Companies with an Active Investor(s)

Our firm is experiencing first hand the growing influence of active investors in publicly-traded companies. Hugessen offers boards and their representatives strong analytics and unique capabilities - in situations that require sensitivity and prudent judgement.

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Say on Pay is always a critical element of the proxy and a flash point when annual results fall short of expectations. This issue is made all the more complicated for global companies when peer groups are not aligned or when currency differences impact executive payouts. We have relied on Hugessen for many years to anticipate and advise us as we navigate annual solutions including advice and expertise for comprehensive shareholder engagement strategies.

Dick DeWolfe,
Chair of the Board, John Hancock (Manulife Financial)

Managing Partner of DeWolfe & Company